SFM Tutorial Stream

I decided to do a video stream of making a poster in Source Filmmaker last night with the intention of helping people transition from Garry’s Mod to SFM.

It’s a bit out of my normal wheelhouse, I rarely narrate videos and I don’t have a very good audio setup for it, so there’s quite a few popped ‘p’ sounds, dead air, and a ton of ‘um’s and ‘like’s. That said, I tried to cover everything needed to make a fully lit and posed still image and covered the finer points of exporting it properly. I also touched base on how to install custom assets, but I assume you already know how to mod gmod. If you’re just getting into the tool and have about 75 minutes to spare, I humbly suggest you take a look at it.

On the technical side, I decided to use google+ hangouts on the air over, say, twitch, or traditional screen capture. This allowed me to set up an ‘event’ for the live stream, gave me an allowance of 8 hours and auto-uploaded to my youtube channel if it was under 2. I was hoping to get a little more viewer interaction and I did have a few comments that I addressed live, but it played out fairly decently as just a static recording of my workflow. I’m not sure if I’d do it again on my own volition, but that depends more on if it is requested by enough people. One thing I know fore sure, next time I talk for 80 minutes straight, I’m going to be sure to bring a bottle of water.

As a preview for future posts, I’ll be breaking down the development of a small pistol I modeled – I just want to have a swing at throwing it into UE4 as well as source and possibly animating it before I do a post-mortem.



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