New Blog

New Blog

I decided to forge out and make use of my personal blog space for future posts. As much as I love Nirrti and Rossmum, I felt that after half a decade of the same wordpress theme, it was time for an overhaul. I tried to go with something more modern, and since I like to type a lot, more readable then grey and orange on black.

Beyond that, as much as I find things on the internet frustrating, I don’t feel like I’m truly part of an internet hate machine.

Looking to the future, I’m hoping to find enough time to write up some substantive content – I’ve got a side project near the tail end of the pipe, and my work on Due Process will make for fertile taking ground when things become solid enough to commit to (digital) pen and paper.

And because you came here for pretty things to look at, here’s a preview of my next blog post talking about my headfirst dive into the concrete pool that is Fallout 4’s gamebyro engine:


My old posts are all here as well, so everything should be in place. That said, you’re welcome to head over to IHM for a walk down memory lane.


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