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Modeling for StemCell: The NAC-22

Modeling for StemCell: The NAC-22

Hey everybody!

I just finished up on what has become my annual deep dive into 3D modeling for a specific workflow. This year, I dug deep into TurboSquid’s StemCell Specification. What makes the project special is that it’s close to a Universal Asset – it’s ready to drop into anything from Unity to Unreal to Lumberyard and all the way to V-Ray in Max or Maya or even C4D! The article is not short on words or pictures, and I was lucky enough to get it featured on!

If you’re ready for a read, check it out here!

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Marmoset Toolbag 3

Marmoset Toolbag 3

Long time no post!

That’s a reason for that – I’ve actually been writing tech articles for my new job over at TurboSquid – I’m an Associate Producer there, and focus on R&D for real-time 3D and VR. How cool is that?

That said, I just finished up on a decent review talking about Marmoset Toolbag 3, which I’ve had the pleasure of toying with since the alpha.

You can check it out here!

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A Fallout 4 Modding Story

A Fallout 4 Modding Story

I’ve downloaded 9 tools to make one mod! I don’t think I’ve ever had to download so many tools to make one thing work before. 

That was me talking to a fellow modder (who was teaching me yet another undocumented feature of gamebyro) when I was once again complaining about Fallout 4’s mod pipeline – I had been doing that a lot about it since I started using it. This statement was a punctuation for the two month long project to realize a seemingly simple goal: adding a single conventional firearm into Fallout 4. I ran a gamut of emotions in my personal quest to make one mod work in Bethesda’s Fallout 4 – a game they marketed as a current gen, modder friendly RPG. After going the distance and actually making a mod from concept to release, I’ll be happy to refute both those claims, at least on some level.

Fair warning, this is a wordy piece, but it does have nice pictures!

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