Substantial by Design

Substantial by Design

I took a few extra days I had off recently to work on exploring new tools, specifically Substance Designer (4). In this post, I’ll be talking about my first time experiences with it and directly contrasting it to my experiences with the Quixel Suite. My end target was Marmoset Toolbag 2, if only for general testing.


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2014 Q4 Updates

Hey everybody! It’s been a little while! I have been busy and although I haven’t done any one thing that I feel is ‘blogworthy,’ I do have enough small things that are worth an update. If you want more granular updates, I post pretty actively on twitter, it’s generally the same content I post here, just more granular and with horrid compression on images. Plus you can get in contact with me, I’m using it as  This post is just going to jump around a little more then usual, I just want to give an idea of what I’ve been doing without drowning you in transitional text.


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The Making of Synthesis – Environments

With our Saxxy 2014 entry canceled and a solid month’s worth of source asset development done for a cancelled project, I though I’d still release what was made for the project. These two posts chronicle my workflow and touch on some things I made, since it’s still very solid work that leverages SFM and source in ways I don’t seem any people in the community do. I wanted to do some workflow breakdowns for how I achieved a very specific look for the short in hopes it’ll help others improve their craft. This post will focus on the environmental design.


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